By Design

Headwerk was established in February 2001 by Erik von Weber. We provide unique problem solving for communications projects including, brand strategy, identity creation, advertising, packaging, collateral, environment and Web sites.

With more than a decade of diverse industry experience, Erik has worked on a variety of projects for a broad range of clients including GE Capital, The Harlem Globetrotters, IBM, USA Network, and the United Way. His work, for clients both past and present, has been recognized in competitions and publications worldwide.

Headwerk is empowered by several intangibles including: passion, verve, instinct, talent, integrity and commitment. These ingredients, in combination with our strong work ethic, support our methodology and define our sense of purpose.

Our approach to a project is not embellished by a trademarked name nor reliant on an inflated, procedural outline. Simply stated, it is guided by knowledge, hard work and perseverance. We are driven to create effective and engaging communications tools by exploring inconspicuous, but relevant, solutions. The insight necessary for such exploration can be attributed to our penchant for listening and our disdain for the ordinary.

We strive to foster partnerships with our clients in order that we work toward a well-defined objective. At the onset of every project, we conduct interviews and ask a concise number of questions tailored to help identify said objective. Beyond this point, our process is not scripted. We pride ourselves in meeting every client with an open mind and the individual consideration she deserves.